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Indian Statistical Institute

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Doctoral Thesis

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Quantitative Economics


Economics and Planning Unit (EPU-Delhi)


Mookherjee, Dillip (EPU-Delhi; ISI)

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My dissertation deals with some problems in theoretical economics. The five essays in this thesis can be classified under the broad categories of industrial organization and game theory.Part I of the thesis comprises three chapters. These deal with some issues in the area of joint ventures and technology transfer. Chapter 2 investigates the relationship between technological dissimilarity and joint venture success. The third chapter explores some policy issues related to joint product development. Chapter 4 examines the relative efficacy of centralized and decentralized bargaining schemes in technology transfer.In part II I examine some issues in bargaining theory. The fifth chapter is concerned with the non-cooperative foundations of the Nash bargaining solution. The last chapter studies bargaining models with small reneging costs.In the next section I present a brief literature survey on joint product development and technology transfer. Section 3 presents an overview of the chapters in part I. The two chapters in part II are described in section 4.


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