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Indian Statistical Institute

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Doctoral Thesis

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Economic Research Unit (ERU-Kolkata)


Maitra, Ashok (ERU-Kolkata; ISI)

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This Thesis is divided into six chapters the first three chapters constituting studies in Boolean algebras and the last three chapters constituting studies in measure theory. We give below a sketch of the main problems treated in this Thesis.A De composition theorem due to Sobczyk and Hammer (28] implies that strongly continuous charges on Boolean algebras play a role similar to that of nonatomic measures on Boolean g-algebras. CHAPTER 1. Rudin [25] and Knowles [14] gave necessary and sufficient conditions for the Boral o-ficld of a compact Hausdorff space to admit a nonatomic measure. But there are no necessary and sufficient algebraic conditions for a Boolean o-algebra to admit a nonatomic In this chapter we solve the analogous problem of exis- measure, tence of strongly continuous charges on Boolean algebras. examine the richnoss of strongly continuous charges in the space We also of all charges on a Boolcan algebra.CHAPTER 2. Given any charge on a Boolcan algebra, equivalently, given any charge spaco (Ω, A, H) one associates a natural metric space (A(u), du) with it. A naturel question that arises is: How far the topological propertics of the metric space (A(H), d) reflect on A and u? This problem is treated in this chapter. A satisfactory picture omerges when (Ω, A, H) is a moasure space. When (Ω. 4, H) is a charge space the problem is solved Partially.CHAPTER 3: The contents of this chapter are inspirod by a papor of B, V, Rao [23]. Fcr any Boolenn algebra A the class of all subalgobras of forms a compicte lattice which we call L.. The question of distributivity of L, is not vcry interesting becausc it hes n trivial solution. In this chn pter we deal with the complementation in L. i characterisation of L, is a complemented lattice is still lacking. In addition to the study of complomentation in L A such that we also gonaralize B.v.Raols results in scvcral dircetions.CHAPTER 4: The origin of Chapter 4 is a paper of v. Ficker [7] - N whore (Ω, B, H) is a measure space and N 1s the colloc- who attomptcd to charactcrisc countable chain condition in tion of all H-null scts. We damonstrato that the main the orom of [7] is incorrect and prove a strongor version of Ficker's theorem for certain typos of measures.CHPTER 5: The problem of this chapter was suggested by Profcssor M. G. Nadkarni. The problem is : Gi en two ral valucd measurable functions f and dofined on a Borol structurG (x, B) when does there exist a nonatomic probability measure g independent. red the problem has a trivial solution. Here we solve this which makes f and If nonatomicity is not requi- problem when X is the real line and B is the Borel o-algebra of the real line. We consider some extensions also


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