Object of interest detection in video sequence using co-segmentation: A new era in video surveillance

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Conference Article

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Proceedings of the 4th IEEE International Conference on Recent Advances in Information Technology, RAIT 2018


In the field of video surveillance, one of the existing problems is the detection of object(s) in the video sequence. In this paper, detection of the particular object of interest in the video sequence with more accuracy has been focused. The main objective of this work is to detect the object which belongs to both query image and video sequence. The necessity of this work lies in the field of surveillance, main interest is in monitoring the activity of the pre-specified person or the pre-defined object. For this purpose co-segmentation based, common object detection technique has been implemented to detect the particular object of interest in the video sequence. The main goal of this paper is to establish a system to detect the query or the pre-defined object(s) in the video sequence. The work has been performed with a consideration that all the video frames containing the single object of interest (OI), which is to be detected. The effectiveness of the proposed work has been compared with the existing detection and tracking algorithms in the literature. Utility of the proposed system proves much effective and trustworthy, where lies the hope that the results will stand more accurate in detecting the pre-defined object of interest.

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