Evaluation of GIST operator for document image retrieval

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Conference Article

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Proceedings of the13th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems, DAS 2018


As digitised documents normally contain a large variety of structures, a page segmentation-and layout-free method for document image retrieval is preferable. In this research work, therefore, wavelet transform as a transform-based approach is initially used to provide different under-sampled images from the original image. Then, GIST operator, as a feature extraction technique, is employed to extract a set of global features from the original image as well as the sub-images obtained from the wavelet transform. Moreover, the column-wise variances of the values in each sub-image are computed and they are then concatenated to obtain another set of features. Considering each feature set, locality-sensitive hashing is employed to compute similarity distances between a query and the document images in the database. Finally, a classifier fusion technique using the mean function is taken into account to provide a document image retrieval result. The combination of these features and a clustering score fusion strategy provides higher document image retrieval accuracy. Two different databases of the document image are considered for experimentation. The results obtained from the experimental study are detailed and the results are encouraging.

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