Image Inpainting using Geometric Transformations for Digital Circuit Images

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Conference Article

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Ninth International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition, ICAPR 2017


This paper presents a novel image inpainting method for the completion of image structures in digital circuit images. Here we have proposed a set of geometric patch transformations in order to facilitate searching good candidate patches. Furthermore, we incorporate these transformations in an objective function that comprises both color-based approach and gradient domain method in a single framework to expedite global optimization. The motivation of this approach is to solve the problem of propagating geometric structures smoothly inward the target region. Our image inpainting process consists of two core steps: search and voting. We alternate these two steps until a suitable convergence criterion is satisfied. We repeat the process in a multiscale approach, starting from coarsest scale and ending at finest scale. The proposed method is tested on some circuit images, and the results are compared with some of the existing methods to demonstratethe efficacy and superiority of the proposed method.

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