Quantitative Comparisons of DNA Sequences and Investigating Evolutionary Relationships between Species Through the Lights of Graph Theoretical Approaches and Chemical Properties of Dual Nucleotides

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Proceedings of the 8th International Conference Confluence 2018 on Cloud Computing, Data Science and Engineering, Confluence 2018


Quantitative understanding and comparisons of DNA Sequences have been carried out using mathematical denotation of DNA sequences based on dual nucleotides (DN) and graph theoretical approach. In this proposed paper firstly depending upon the chemical structure along with repeating DN of group, the dual nucleotides are classified into 7 possible classes and a way of 2-dimensional graphical representation of DNA sequences has been proposed based on dual nucleotides, where each dual nucleotide has been defined by a specific weight. Secondly it is tried to map each base pair with the corresponding classes as per chemical properties to investigate changes occurred in chemicalproperties due to mutation. Thirdly similarity analysis of DNA sequences has been proposed through the light of graph theoretical approachto investigateevolutionary relationships between species.

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