An automata theoretic framework for detecting schedulability attacks on cyber-physical systems

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Conference Article

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Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on Emerging Applications of Information Technology, EAIT 2018


This paper proposes an automated framework for detecting schedulability attacks on CyberPhysical systems (CPS) that lead to loss of control performance. Given a set of control components that constitute a CPS, a control objective to be satisfied by the control ensemble, the question of schedulability and synthesis of a scheduler that can ensure the desired control performance has been recently studied in literature. In this paper, we extend this idea further to build an automata theoretic framework for assessment of attacks on schedulability. We have built an end-to-end framework that takes in a set of control components, their variants (after replacement), a control objective to be guaranteed, and performs an automated schedulability assessment. We report some preliminary experiments of our framework on simple benchmarks.



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