Analysis on Preservation Characteristics of Modular Structure during HIV-1 Progression using Weighted and Normalized Graphlet Frequency Distribution

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Conference Article

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Fourth International Conference for Convergence in Technology, I2CT 2018


In this paper, we have proposed a computational framework to measure the preservation characteristics of modular structures between two biological networks. The preservation characteristics of co-expressed gene modules are identified by comparing the frequencies of few predefined small substructures called graphlets in the coexpression networks of three HIV-1 infection stages: acute, nonprogressor, and chronic. A novel similarity measure has been proposed based on the frequencies and significances of those graphlets occurring in the networks. A widely used tool GtrieScanner is utilized to find the frequencies and significance of those graphlets in networks. Results confirm high similarity of topological properties between co-expressed modules of acute and chronic stages than acute and nonprogressor stages. Our method contributes to an important understanding of preservation characteristics of the modular organization in two different biological networks.



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