Cognitive Analysis for Reading and Writing of Bengali Conjuncts

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Conference Article

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Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks


In this paper, we study the difficulties arising in reading and writing of Bengali conjunct characters by human-beings. Such difficulties appear when the human cognitive system faces certain obstructions in effortlessly reading/writing. In our computer-based investigation, we consider the reading/writing difficulty analysis task as a machine learning problem supervised by human perception. To this end, we employ two distinct models: (a) an auto-derived feature-based Inception network and (b) a hand-crafted feature-based SVM (Support Vector Machine). Two commonly used Bengali printed fonts and three contemporary handwritten databases are used for collecting subjective opinion scores from human readers/writers. On this corpus, which contains the perceptive ground-truth opinion of reading/writing complications, we have undertaken to conduct the experiments. The experimental results obtained on various types of conjunct characters are promising.



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