Assessing Lung Functions Status in Male Human Resources Engaged in Wood Processing Works Using Surrogate Markers

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Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems


Occupational lung disorder is becoming one of the major threat to human health in recent times and thereby, rate of mortality and morbidity is on high. Therefore, early assessment and diagnosis lowers the rate of such kind of lung functional abnormalities. In this background, a study was carried out on 37 Bengalee males (24–36 years) involved in wood processing works to assess their lung functions condition and to find out and/or validate the relationship, if any, present between select anthropometric variables and PEFR. Stature (cm), body weight (kg), trunk length (TL) (cm), arm span (AS) (cm), acromion height (AH) (cm), radial height (RH) (cm), stylion height (SH) (cm), dactylion height (DH) (cm), sitting height (Sit H) (cm), chest circumference (CC) (cm), waist circumference (WC) (cm), and hip circumference (HC) (cm) were measured, and PEFR was measured. Select anthropometric variables were significantly (P < 0.05) associated with PEFR. Mathematical models were developed validated for use.

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