An interpretable Neural Network and Its Application in Inferring Inter-well Connectivity

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Conference Article

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Proceedings - 2022 Asia Conference on Algorithms, Computing and Machine Learning, CACML 2022


The demand for understandable and accountable machine learning models is becoming more and more important with time. In this paper, we propose a sparsity-based inter-pretable neural network model and a constrained interpretable neural network model. Both of them are simple and easier to interpret, providing more accurate and comprehensive overview of the relationships between the inputs and the outputs of the network model. We use some effective evaluation measures to assess the contribution from each input to each output. Clear interpretations of the learned models are revealed, along with intuitive heat-maps for visualization of the connection weights. Furthermore, the proposed methods are applied to infer the inter-well connectivity between the injectors and the producers in reservoir engineering. After training the networks by water injection rate and liquid production rate data, the reservoir connectivity is efficiently characterized with dynamic parameters. To our knowledge, this is the first time to emphasize on special interpretable neural networks to handle this problem. The empirical results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methods and validate their interpretations.

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