Localization phenomena in a one-dimensional phononic lattice with finite mass modulation: Beyond nearest-neighbor interaction

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Conference Article

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series


One-dimensional phononic systems beyond conventional nearest-neighbor interaction have not been well explored, to the best of our knowledge. In this work, we critically investigate the localization properties of a 1D phononic lattice in presence of second-neighbor interaction along with the nearest-neighbor one. A finite modulation in masses is incorporated following the well known Aubry-Andre-Harper (AAH) form to make the system a correlated disordered one. Solving the motion equations we determine the phonon frequency spectrum, and characterize the localization properties of the individual phononic states by calculating inverse participation ratio (IPR). The key aspect of our analysis is that, in the presence of second-neighbor interaction, the phonon eigenstates exhibit frequency dependent transition from sliding to the pinned phase upon the variation of the modulation strength, exhibiting a mobility edge. This is completely in contrast to the nearest-neighbor interaction case, where all the states get localized beyond a particular modulation strength, and thus, no mobility edge appears. Our analysis can be utilized in many aspects to regulate phonon transmission through similar kind of aperiodic lattices that are described beyond the usual nearest-neighbor interaction.



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