Multi-Gradient Directional Features for Gender Identification

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Conference Article

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Proceedings - International Conference on Pattern Recognition


Gender identification based on handwriting analysis has received a special attention to researchers in the field of document image analysis as it is useful for several real-time applications like forensic, population counting, etc. In this paper, we explore Multi-Gradient Directional (MGD) features, which provide direction of dominant pixels obtained by Canny edge image, and gradient direction symmetry. The proposed method further performs histogram operation for gradient angle information of dominant pixels of respective multi-gradient directional images to select angles, which contribute to the highest peak. This results in feature vectors. The process of feature vector formation continues for the segmented first, second, and third text lines in each image by male or female. Next, correlation is estimated for the vector of the first line with successive lines until converging or diverging criteria is met. If the convergence happens, a document is considered as by female, else is considered as by male. The method is tested on our own dataset, which includes images of different scripts, writers, papers, pens, and ages, and the standard database QUWI which includes Arabic and English texts, to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed method. Comparative studies with the state of the art methods show that the proposed method is effective and useful.

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