Practical Framework for Harvesting Standard Metadata in Digital Repository

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Conference Article

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Proceedings of the Seventh International Convention of CALIBER


Metadata research drastically improved the resource discovery mechanism in accessing information from a large distributed environment. Even technological capabilities permit multiple metadata schemas for standardizing the structure and content of indexing information towards an efficient resource discovery. This paper presents the issues on standard metadata in order to pursue digital repositories and dynamic web pages. It proposes various means of harvesting metadata using optimum standards and protocols. It also enumerates inherent mechanisms for metadata harvesting in DSpace enabled repositories through various harvesting tools; and evaluates XML as current popular choice for metadata harvesting (OAI-PMH) and exchange. System support to multiple metadata formats in DSpace has been discussed thoroughly. Finally it recognizes interoperability and extensibility functions that are being realized increasingly towards a long-term management and preservation of digital objects. However the glimpses of metadata production tools (newer & developed) could accelerate the digital repository initiatives with an increasing popularity of open access movement in real world.

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