Reaping Benefits of Consortia Towards Managing Electronic Resources in Indian Libraries

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Proceedings of the National Conference on Knowledge Management in Globalized Era


Modern libraries are facing budgetary constraints, primarily due to ever escalating cost of scholarly resources, thus produce serious impact on e-resource subscriptions. This paper discusses on library consortia emerged as a common strategy of sustaining the buying power in e-resource subscriptions, and most obvious toolkit for libraries (having similar interests purposes and needs) to survive. The strategies and factors involve in making a successful library consortia are explained. The paper highlights on major consortia initiatives taken so far in the country. It emphasizes the most ambitious consortiums like INDEST, UGC-InfoNet, FORSA, CSIR consortia, HELINET, IIM libraries consortia, ISI Libraries Consortia, VIC consortium, ISRO consortia, ICMR consortium, etc. Multiple benefits of consortia towards balanced development of libraries are also described. The discussion illuminates some cautionary tales against the formation of library consortia in real situation, thus suggests for paying attention to induct and motivate the library communities towards the technology-driven coalition policies in order to get better access to electronic resources, as well as to take up the challenges in twenty-first century.

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