A CNN Based framework for unistroke numeral recognition in air-writing

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Conference Article

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Proceedings of International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, ICFHR


Air-writing refers to virtually writing linguistic characters through hand gestures in three dimensional space with six degrees of freedom. In this paper a generic video camera dependent convolutional neural network (CNN) based air-writing framework has been proposed. Gestures are performed using a marker of fixed color in front of a generic video camera followed by color based segmentation to identify the marker and track the trajectory of marker tip. A pre-trained CNN is then used to classify the gesture. The recognition accuracy is further improved using transfer learning with the newly acquired data. The performance of the system varies greatly on the illumination condition due to color based segmentation. In a less fluctuating illumination condition the system is able to recognize isolated unistroke numerals of multiple languages. The proposed framework achieved 97.7%, 95.4% and 93.7% recognition rate in person independent evaluation over English, Bengali and Devanagari numerals, respectively.

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