Growth curve of yam from incomplete data in saline soil of sunderban

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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics


We propose a new technique of estimating growth curve of Elephant foot yam when plant lifetime data is missing and has to be indirectly estimated. From auxiliary variable associated with plant lifetime, we estimate the missing variable. Lifetime of yam plants in general follows a Weibull distribution. As the plants mature gradually, downfall of canopy radius from peak to a target canopy radius, after which time no substantial additional yam weight gain is expected, provides an estimate of lifetime for yam plants. The target canopy radius is so selected, as to minimise the Anderson-Darling (AD) statistic of Weibull fit for plant lifetime. The estimated plant lifetime is then used to obtain yam growth curve with missing lifetime data. The proposed model of estimating growth curve is validated on a different data set.

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