Range assignment of base-stations maximizing coverage area without interference

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CCCG 2017 - 29th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, Proceedings


This note is a study on the problem of maximizing the sum of area of non-overlapping disks centered at a set of given points in ℝ2. If the points of P are placed on a straight-line, then the problem is solvable in polynomial time. Eppstein [CCCG, pages 260-265, 2016] proposed an O(n2 3 ) time algorithm, for maximizing the sum of radii of non-overlapping balls or disks when the points are arbitrarily placed on a plane. We show that the solution to this problem gives a 2-approximation solution for the area maximization problem by non-overlapping disks or balls. We also present simulation results. Finally, we propose a PTAS for our problem.

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