Protein structure optimization in 3d ab off-lattice model using biogeography based optimization with chaotic mutation

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Conference Article

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ACM International Conference Proceeding Series


Protein structure prediction (PSP) from its amino acid sequence is a challenging problem in computational biology and can be considered as a global optimization problem. It is a multi-modal optimization problem and belongs to NP-hard class. In this paper, Biogeography Based Optimization with Chaotic Mutation (BBO-CM) algorithm has been developed to optimize 3D protein structure. The proposed algorithm prevents premature convergence and jumping out from the local minima during execution and converges with the optimum solution. Chaos system generates the chaotic pseudo random sequence which is utilized in mutation operation of BBO algorithm to increase the population diversity. The experiments are carried out with artificial and real protein sequences with different length to confirm the performance and robustness of the BBO-CM algorithm. Results are compared with other algorithms demonstrating the efficiency of the proposed approach.



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