Distributed algorithm for traffic dissemination in manhattan networks with optimal routing-time

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Conference Article

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Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing


We consider the problem of trafic routing in a road network in the event of a disaster, when there is a surge in vehicle movement from dense residential areas to designated safeshelters. We address the problem with multiple sources and a fixed sink in a κ × κ Manhattan grid road network to find a trafic distribution over the network such that the average time of travel from sources to sink is minimized. We consider queuing delay at each grid point of the Manhattan network when multiple grid points can become potential sources of new trafic generation, and then propose an optimal trafic distribution algorithm to minimize the total queuing delay of all vehicles to reach the given destination point. We then extend our technique to consider variable link delay (as a function of the volume of trafic ow through a link) along the links of the network. 2017 ACM.

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