A novel palmprint recognition system using patch based filter response

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Conference Article

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2017 IEEE International Conference on Identity, Security and Behavior Analysis, ISBA 2017


A novel palmprint recognition system is proposed in this paper. The proposed system consists of pre-processing, feature extraction and classification components. During preprocessing a region-of-interest for palm texture is extracted from a given hand image and for this thresholding and mathematical morphological based operators are employed. The features extracted from the detected palmprint texture is based on a method of ordering the codebook patterns obtained from patch based filter responses with a new way of feature representation scheme. Finally a multi-class linear SVM classifier is employed to do the classification job. The performance of the proposed palmprint recognition system is tested on four benchmark hand image databases, namely IITD, POLYU, CASIA and BOSPHORUS and this shows the efficacy of the proposed method.



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