Fast local binary pattern: Application to document image retrieval

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Conference Article

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International Conference Image and Vision Computing New Zealand


The volume of digitised documents is increasing every day. Thus, designing a fast document image retrieval method for the large volume of document images, especially when the document images are also large in size, is of high demand. As feature extraction is one of the important steps in every document image retrieval system, a feature extraction technique with a low computing time and small feature number has a direct effect on the speed of the retrieval system. In this paper, we propose a non-parametric texture feature extraction method based on summarising the local grey-level structure of the image. To extract the proposed features, the input image is, at first, divided into a set of overlapping patches of equal size. The peripheral pixels of the centre pixel in a patch are used to extract two sets of patterns. The patterns are derived from the vertical & horizontal, and diagonal & off-diagonal pixels of the patch, separately. From each set of pixels, 15 different local binary patterns are extracted in our proposed feature extraction method. Two histograms of the local binary patterns are then created and concatenated to obtain 30 features called fast local binary pattern (F-LBP). To evaluate the efficiency of the proposed feature extraction method, MTDB and ITESOFT databases were considered for experimentation. The proposed F-LBP provided promising results with lower computing time as well as smaller memory space consumption compared to other variation of LBP methods.

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