Studying PPCA and its other homologs in c7 family towards the binding with deoxycholate based on unique encoding of amino acids

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Conference Article

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Proceedings - 7th IEEE International Advanced Computing Conference, IACC 2017


Among all the proteins of Periplasmic C type cytochrome A (PPCA) family, only PPCA protein can interact with Deoxycholate (DXCA), while its other homologs can not, as observed from the crystal structures. This article presents a unique encoding scheme of amino acids which consists of six dimensional vectors where first three dimensions use the chemical and physical properties of amino acids and last three dimensions use one mathematical parameter 'Impression' which has been previously very effective in explaining the degeneracy of Codon Table [14]. For bringing out the 'Impression', the amino acids are denoted by ternary numbers which are done using molecular weights of amino acids in order. The use of chemical properties for the purpose of unique encoding of amino acids is our first agenda. Secondly we expose the reason of PPCA being able to interact alone among its homologs with regards to the embedded chemical properties along with graph theoretic model.

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