Optimum route recommendation system to escape disaster environment

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Conference Article

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing


In disaster environment such as Tsunami, people need to evacuate to safety shelter immediately. Using vehicle is the fastest way to evacuate. In case of emergency, instead of a specific destination, one needs to find route to a safety shelter, any one which could be accessed in shortest time. Existing navigation systems too can search a service instead of a specific destination. It calculates routes to nearby service points, and present a list of results to the user. The user has to take decision to select one from the list. In general people in the same area will get the same result from the system, and choose the shortest route, i.e., the nearest service point. In densely populated area, traffic congestion will appear in shortest route in a short time. Moreover destination accessible by the shortest route will quickly run out of service. It is better to choose different routes or different destinations from the beginning, by which traffic congestion could be avoided, and users will be distributed over several service points. In this paper, we proposed routing algorithm and navigation system to recommend optimum routes and destinations to users in a disaster environment. This navigation system can calculate and recommend routes considering multiple destinations and limited available resources at destinations, simultaneously.

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