Cauchy Poisson problem for water with a porous bottom

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Conference Article

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Communications in Computer and Information Science


This paper is concerned with generation of surface waves in an ocean with porous bottom due to initial disturbances at free surface. Assuming linear theory the problem is formulated as an initial value problem for the velocity potential describing the motion in the fluid. Laplace transform in time and Fourier transform in space have been utilized in the mathematical analysis to obtain the form of the free surface in terms of an integral. This integral is then evaluated asymptotically for large time and distance by the method of stationary phase for prescribed initial disturbance at the free surface in the form of depression of the free surface or an impulse at the free surface concentrated at the origin. The form of the free surface is depicted graphically for these two types of initial conditions in a number of figures to demonstrate the effect of the porosity at the bottom.

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