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Information Technology in Libraries


Change is an inevitable part of any organization. To function efficiently and effectively, the organization has to maintain equilibrium between the external and internal environment. The forces which constantly affecting change in organization are-technology, workforce, economy, competition, social trends, political and financial, etc. Training is one of the important strategic HRD tool to enhance the skills of the workforce to maintain the equilibrium. Training helps to enhance knowledge, skills, motivation, team building, employee development and productivity of the organization. Training boots up the organization's health by managing efficiently and effectively the 8Ms i.e. Man, Machine, Material, Money, Maintenance, Methods, Measurement, and Market. The library is the nerve center of the organization acts as the service center in the organization and therefore, the library too faces both external and internal forces. To work efficiently and effectively and to provide quality service to the dynamic nature of user community/ customers, LIS professionals at all levels have to enhance their skills in terms of technology and trends of providing information services. The competitive advantage of the library depends on trained human resources. NIT Silchar has taken the number of initiatives in this direction. Institute has started providing training to the LIS professionals as well as users at all levels both in-house and off the house and participating in various associations, task forces or committees. Based on the said background the paper enumerates different strategies adopted by NIT Silchar in enhancing the capacities of LIS professionals in the Region. Keywords: HRD, Training, Technology Management

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Published at AGRI-BIOVET Press, New Delhi