Mathematical morphology in geosciences and GISci: An illustrative review

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Handbook of Mathematical Geosciences: Fifty Years of IAMG


Georges Matheron and Jean Serra of the Centre of Mathematical Morphology, Fontainebleau founded Mathematical Morphology (MM). Since the birth of MM in the mid 1960s, its applications in a wide ranging disciplines have illustrated that intuitive researchers can find varied application-domains to extend the applications of MM. This chapter provides a concise review of application of Mathematical Morphology in Geosciences and Geographical Information Science (GISci). The motivation for this chapter stems from the fact that Mathematical Morphology is one of the better choices to deal with highly intertwined topics such as retrieval, analysis, reasoning, and simulation and modeling of terrestrial phe- nomena and processes. This chapter provides an illustrative review of various studies carried out by the author over a period of 25 years-related to applications of Mathematical Morphology and Fractal Geometry-in the contexts of Geosciences and Geographical Information Science (GISci). However, the reader is encouraged to refer to the cited publications to gather more details on the review provided in an abstract manner.

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