A patch-based constrained inpainting for damaged mural images

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Digital Hampi: Preserving Indian Cultural Heritage


Heritage artefacts and monuments are important components of social science. Those are under constant threat of decaying and degrading due to exposition to unfriendly natural environment and hooliganism. Restoration of heritage artefacts such as murals and paintings is an important task for preservation of social, cultural and political history of a nation. As being in the temples in India, a significant share of murals and paintings are not accessible for physical restoration. This motivates many researchers to put effort in restoration of such priceless paintings and reliefs digitally in augmented reality domain. In this work, we have proposed an exemplar based coherent texture synthesis technique to inpaint the digital image of damaged portion of murals and paintings. Inpainting method, while maintaining the spatial coherency, usually introduces blurring as well as structured noise to the inpainted regions. To overcome this problem, we have combined the proposed patch-based diffusion technique with a novel technique for high-frequency generation that leads to edge sharpening and denoising simultaneously. Finally, the proposed constraint and interactive nature of the method is found efficient to handle rich variety of such paintings. The experimental results with empirical evaluation show the efficacy of the proposed method.

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